• Brian Lopez
    Brian Lopez

    5:55 yummi ._.XD

  • Giang nguyễn hồng
    Giang nguyễn hồng

    Godzu relized that he can be a new 2.0 Faker when he fake ip and join the korean sever xd

  • Grant Smith
    Grant Smith

    I know this video is old but is it bad to build a wits end as jax? Or is it just situational on what the team comp is?

  • Daryl James Morales
    Daryl James Morales

    nc slaps

  • Miao

    I keep watching coz the editing is so bad

  • Pride 7ds
    Pride 7ds

    He did that lux dirty lmfao


    This fucking shit tier editing Im loving it

  • AxelStorm

    You can play with malzahar?? HAHA, NICE VIDEO BRO.

  • survivor!ink

    Its not max attack speed darius His name is CHAINSAW DARIUS

  • xXKillerXx King
    xXKillerXx King

    como se llama el video ese que sale en del minuto 1:15?

  • Harry Kärrqvist
    Harry Kärrqvist

    69 kills only unsubcribe

  • ReXXXio

    Yumi : so ez.suport -_-

  • Nox

    thix lux makes my head hurt.

  • Axel Ferreyra
    Axel Ferreyra

    Podrías mostrar las runas ?? En los videos

  • Andrei Andrei
    Andrei Andrei

    brooo u are soo bad u play in iron and u think u are good!!!

  • akali ga kill
    akali ga kill

    Fighting chogath as riven is so tilting it made me give up on mastering her all he does is build 1 armor item and its game over

  • Fydd Fydd
    Fydd Fydd


  • Cheems

    Poor dogzu

  • Juan Peres
    Juan Peres

    MORE FIZZ PLS! I'm Brazilian, but like yours vídeos, are Very funny hehe ^^ Abraços do Brazil!

  • my personal account
    my personal account

    Godzu's Darius: slaughtering the enemy team Enemy: wait, we *stihl farm boss*

  • Miloş wumil PgK
    Miloş wumil PgK

    I S U R V I V E D

  • Hasan Can
    Hasan Can

    Lol skin 11.5

  • Lucas Maciel
    Lucas Maciel

    Haha I survived

  • gg ggg
    gg ggg

    4:40 Baolo reference?

  • Will ,
    Will ,

    Ah yes 1:19 ryze stole your kill after he rooted rammus and took 70% of his health awau

  • Juvy Cole
    Juvy Cole

    I appreciate you making memes for us and I know it's hard I'm fan

  • wSlash

    He is nerfed enough... sadly

  • Benjamín Hernández
    Benjamín Hernández


  • Martin Cañon Garcia
    Martin Cañon Garcia


  • iHomo

    bronze elo gg

  • Your Snus
    Your Snus

    full crit yuumi top pls

  • Loaky

    These memes are just cringe now tbh

  • Cheems

    I tried to do this on pvp then it was crazy af

  • Lightskill _
    Lightskill _

    That is actually illegal

  • Goli athus
    Goli athus

    what this anime on 1-04 sec?

  • Katriell

    Me gustan mucho tus videos,pero creo que deberias bajar un poco la musica y mas memes xd

  • LoverCary

    nice playz .d

  • stipe curuncic
    stipe curuncic

    Do full crit lux pls

  • RealMarkFN_

    3:07 song plzzz

  • Fabri

    very good video you are very good. Greetings from Uruguay

  • Lyle Wagner B. Villanueva
    Lyle Wagner B. Villanueva

    8:22 Poor Twitch got dunked by Darius and Yasuo

  • Mark Galera
    Mark Galera

    literally 3 seconds in

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia

    What’s that second item that allows him to dash??

  • Andréa Ghirlanda
    Andréa Ghirlanda

    6:50 song?

  • Przemek Bereś
    Przemek Bereś

    you have mordo to pokazywac us end game damage mordo ok? bo inaczej sobie pogadamy see ya lejter

  • Cristi Dumitru
    Cristi Dumitru

    De ce joci cu flash ul pe D in pnm

  • Dylan Markham
    Dylan Markham

    Song at 5:30?

  • kevin krack
    kevin krack

    plis the clips of monkey grosss no plis

  • luan oliveira
    luan oliveira


  • illuminati

    1:56 Lucky kid af

  • Bryce Clark
    Bryce Clark

    You have been a prime source in my urf builds. Godspeed soldier

  • ILikeTurtles 69
    ILikeTurtles 69

    Guys hear me out he got A+ because he didn t have enough farm

  • seb 37p
    seb 37p

    Name music?

  • pastorkris

    > Master a champion to perfection > Still don't use CTRL+1/2/3 for lvling skills...

  • main irelia desde la beta
    main irelia desde la beta

    4:16 Wp yone

  • Nocturno

    Riot: okay *nerf akali*

  • Даниил Пыкин
    Даниил Пыкин

    Тут даже я охуел с превью

  • Jaime Mendoza Cano
    Jaime Mendoza Cano

    Has anyone the runes?

  • CzartoBies

    6:25 To my Polacy

  • Diyz -
    Diyz -

    Every time same montage same sound same meme

  • Scarlet Moon
    Scarlet Moon

    Nice video Btw i main vladimir , hence the name lol Oh btw whats the beat/music at 9:04

  • īIı

    That moment when he hurts neeko makes me sad 😢 I'm a neeko main

  • bill benabed
    bill benabed

    Nurf myke tyson plzz


    you are the best one play league of legends I have ever seen right ??? >_<

  • Pablo escobar
    Pablo escobar

    Bro i love your videos <3

  • PureName

    Please do something with Asol please...!

  • Fire Shark
    Fire Shark

    Ok league of legends but on wild rift darius is REALLY illegal

    • ugandan knuckkles
      ugandan knuckkles

      a jax can beat darius

  • Happy Thoughts
    Happy Thoughts

    I know editing videos like the first 3 minutes is hard and it takes long, but i feel like when you start with it you have to do it for the whole video because everything after 3 minutes feels like it is incomplete. Like sometimes you kill someone and it zooms in on darius and there is like no soundeffect just the BGM and idk it feels weird.

    • Osama Khaled
      Osama Khaled

      i totally agree with you buddy, we're honestly just hyped for the first 3 minutes

    • PrometheusPubg

      And 700k subscriber free money cousin

  • Erezomer Minecraft
    Erezomer Minecraft

    Day 2 xin zhao top lane

  • Death_ Angel
    Death_ Angel

    Report godzu for begin too good for this game

  • F D.
    F D.

    Sweet, another video of him facing bronze/silver and making a montage

    • Matias Sơn
      Matias Sơn

      If these people are diamond then i'm rank 1

    • Dante Zepeda
      Dante Zepeda

      You can see his rank in lolprofile, he is diamond 4 in this account

  • VaareOoO

    Same memes over and over

  • Nemanja

    0:28 I always laugh when this meme plays xd

  • PH Cavalcante
    PH Cavalcante

    5% ?

  • x SHEhTAA
    x SHEhTAA

    Seems like his Darius is different than mine

  • Arlind_Elementalist

    alla videos are good and funny even is song its the same in every video i enjoy it just some guys i think u have probleme here if u are not enjoy video just dont see the videos xD

  • x SHEhTAA
    x SHEhTAA

    Let's confess, we all laugh at the same memes every time 🤣🤣

    • x SHEhTAA
      x SHEhTAA

      @Teemo :(

    • Teemo


  • ACSTube

    O Godzu só sabe andar de Ignite, por que sabe que se não ir de Ignite perde, e faz um Vídeo bosta.

  • Ramses Cota
    Ramses Cota

    Gnar full critic pls

  • 00lovon00

    This shit is disgusting the gameplay is mediocre at best and the audio clips/memes are cringe af