full lifesteal fiora is broken! FROM 0 TO FULL HP IN 1 SECOND
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  • Reade Lawson
    Reade Lawson

    What is the song name at 4:00?

  • Gabriele Tortorici
    Gabriele Tortorici

    you should try fiora like this; conqueror coverheal bloodline coup de grace Bone plating Overgwowth The build is: Rush ravenous, then triforce, bloodthrister and death's dance. It's broken as fuck

  • Gacha Trio
    Gacha Trio

    Grievous Wounds: *exist*

  • Benjámin Jancsó
    Benjámin Jancsó


  • Young Boys
    Young Boys

    Hey godzu, where are you from?

  • Clara

    Damn yoi reflexes are so good... New i understans why are you diamond xdd 1x1 Dogzu lol

  • Adam Antoniewicz
    Adam Antoniewicz

    czego sie kurwa spodziwałeś pikując fiore to tak jakbyś miał 20 lat i chodził do klasy z 10 latkami i się cieszył że możesz ich bić i ci nie oddadzą

  • Fire Life
    Fire Life

    The water soul will be the cherry on top

  • Wawamax xD
    Wawamax xD

    Do Samira Full AP xDD that is gonna be very broken xd

  • SkyKingChan

    LoL WR rsloft.info/loft/video/Z5V9lYnayWLPhXY

  • EvilGoldVenom

    1:19 bro is that real?

  • Jeníček

    There were some players from the Czech Republic 😂😂

  • PanosFlafy

    Im very smart Lol

  • PanosFlafy

    Make me win its ur only chance to not get exposed and lose Ur subs...hahahahaha exposed if u dont do it ha

  • PanosFlafy

    U trash

  • PanosFlafy

    I subscribed and didn't win the rp ur fat kid scammer

  • PanosFlafy

    Unsub...so sad bc ur poor scammer

  • Quang Minh
    Quang Minh

    Noob editor.

  • Gold Alex
    Gold Alex

    Godzu where are you from?

  • Solo Jungle
    Solo Jungle

    Stop playing custom games with the same people we want something real 😜❤️

  • Allmachtige

    ı think that build is awesome

  • Александр Парпалия
    Александр Парпалия

    these cuts are repeated from one game WTF

  • Echo

    And that is why I ban fiora 100% of the time

  • DarkHunterr

    100% lifesteal olaf pls

  • 1Kalash

    godzu builds 100% lifesteal build. executioner's calling: imma end this guy whole career

  • Mười Đỗ
    Mười Đỗ


  • Joey N
    Joey N

    I love this guys meme

  • Joey N
    Joey N

    I'll check after this game of league

  • Joey N
    Joey N

    I'm gonna check but I've been doing homework all day

  • Joey N
    Joey N

    Godzu I'm so sorry

  • Francisco Loureiro
    Francisco Loureiro

    The panda🐼 hahah

  • lucas santos
    lucas santos

    Godzu you speak portuguese?

  • RodriVoidMH

    i dont win

  • Bboyjuniormafia

    0:23 when i'm the last survivor in dodgeball and the girls watch

  • Mikołaj Piórkowski
    Mikołaj Piórkowski

    Now i can un sub Adamson

  • Xazus

    What elo?

  • Crysin

    please tell me where to download this laugh 1:25

  • Michales Soilemes
    Michales Soilemes

    What is the music in 2:06 is so funny

  • Leeor Jon Estrada
    Leeor Jon Estrada

    I keep forgetting how THICC fiora is

  • Gogojunior12

    6:23 wait that's illegal godzu didn't die right...?

  • Carl Reyes
    Carl Reyes

    That was really op. they can't win against fiora

  • alexisgrc

    how unlucky my name is there but its not me

  • Hiro


  • Mohamed Ali
    Mohamed Ali

    This ur voice?

  • katurata

    we almost did it boys.

  • Lanthax

    Those czech assholes in da chat were amazing!! :D

  • Paulo Roberto
    Paulo Roberto

    Godzu é muito God, rsrs'

  • DesplondTV

    This champ is joke. W have some power as zhonya but deal dmg and stun. Nice. And this passive dmg and R healing really isnt OP. I know she is skilled but if you play another skilled or unskilled champ good against good fiora you still lose.

  • dragon fist
    dragon fist

    bruhhhh there is champ that you are not one-trick with?????????????? YOU ARE SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tyjacob 2
    Tyjacob 2

    Why i am not winner

  • Budhabich M
    Budhabich M

    1:00 name of the video pls

  • Gd Julian
    Gd Julian

    Best editor ever

  • Ignacio Cayuleo
    Ignacio Cayuleo

    Don't win, but making me laugh is enough.

  • Eltroller3000n

    GG godzu op

  • Sukramplus

    Could u pls show the damage graphs

  • Sr. Raposo
    Sr. Raposo

    More Udyr videos pls

  • Maniura

    Now go yummi jungle

  • Alfonso Agbon
    Alfonso Agbon

    please let me win some of your RP Godzu :((((

  • Mariam Aziz
    Mariam Aziz

    Godzu what email I didn’t find it

  • emplumadin72

    i dont have lucky :( rp lol

  • Peter Shiu
    Peter Shiu

    Godzu must had been stoned af He bought two Phage LOL 0:20

  • Armando Ruiz
    Armando Ruiz

    Y yo que queria rp, pero tener esperanza no es suficiente ;(

  • DoubleE

    ever thought of doing a fan meet up irl? woukd be interesting to see u survive xddd

  • Where the f*ck I am
    Where the f*ck I am

    Ok Godzu I give up, I guess I will never see an Aurelion sol video.. Sike, where is the vid god damnit??

  • Bako Levente
    Bako Levente

    Bruh... the giveaway is fake isnt it?

  • ItzMed Yt
    ItzMed Yt

    fun fact 10 from 40000~ IS like 0.004% to win xddd Nice Luck winners Good Luck next time

  • The King
    The King

    you are the best godzu, i love your videos. how are you today?

  • BoredSlime

    Another contest?

  • Angel._G Bv
    Angel._G Bv

    Bro wtf your brother is playing miss fortune, I want to see the video and good video (give me classes) xd

  • Trinidad, Adam Reiner C.
    Trinidad, Adam Reiner C.

    Not gonna lie that twitch KS I felt that.

  • ImTruthia

    Your vids are getting better. Subbed

  • Maximilian Lonsdorfer
    Maximilian Lonsdorfer

    Nice Video Godzu In your Videos the enemy always seems like bots

  • juan dulce
    juan dulce

    Godzu + Dogzu = a good day

  • Blue 2115
    Blue 2115

    5:57 song?

  • Regikazih

    Uh, I didn't won *unsubs adazom*

  • Bryant

    Who else thinks he made random emails and put them as winners

  • Yasuo Steve
    Yasuo Steve

    Nice video ^-^

  • André Luis
    André Luis

    What? 50% CDR

  • †Zacky Fer†
    †Zacky Fer†

    Seriously is the damage from his passive at vital points true damage?

  • Freddy BG
    Freddy BG

    i like read chat XD

  • Martin Kozubík
    Martin Kozubík

    I hope Tahm got banned for toxicity

  • Lobster

    When I told you the giveaway is fake.... Edit: No one in the comments seems to be the winner, so fake

    • Clara

      Wow lol

  • ezzi atef
    ezzi atef

    I didn't win ...... Why ????

  • Benjamin Alvear
    Benjamin Alvear

    song 3:31??

  • Vaatu

    Was that a mf jungle?

  • Taesung / 태성
    Taesung / 태성

    Commentig until the day godzu release Twisted Fate video -Day 3

  • Xshadowx32 HD
    Xshadowx32 HD

    I don't regret not getting 10k rp. Adamson actually makes quality content.

    • Beasteryi

      His content is nuts

    • samuele ragusa
      samuele ragusa

      Yeah, it's a good Channel

    • YourOniChan

      I unsubbed

  • Ákos Szabó
    Ákos Szabó

    Godzu i why dont win the rp?

  • Steve

    He literally dies then inserts that clip of I survived I always lose it there

  • ツDr01dツ

    Cool joke about winners. Here we go again

  • leandro golly
    leandro golly

    Godzu, why don't you make a video with your voices? I mean, you saw the parts that say nice and hello with a glass of water. Do you do it with your voice? would be good

  • Nick Giggins
    Nick Giggins

    Patiently waiting for godzu vs dogzu 1v1 vid... i will never stop hoping

  • simone xu
    simone xu

    New givaawey?

  • persona promedio
    persona promedio

    Nose hablar inglespero me saco pentakills con fiora

  • minions rule: 1 sub more power
    minions rule: 1 sub more power


  • Leo Boss
    Leo Boss

    I want win ;-;

  • Bilal Yıldırım
    Bilal Yıldırım

    i couldn't win☹️

  • ZK_ ray
    ZK_ ray

    Godzu were come from?

  • Stratos

    That kung fu panda meme got me for real 😂

  • Максим Лавров
    Максим Лавров

    Godzu I didn't find an email with 10000Rp in my email address, can you send it again?