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  • ismail beyazyıldız
    ismail beyazyıldız

    try bot

  • XRarehunterX

    I cant help but wonder how much worse it would have been for the other team if you sold boots for trinityforce on garen at the end

  • 单于

    Omg that Trynd losing to Garen he is dogshit bruuuhhhhhh

  • Ezequiel Martinez
    Ezequiel Martinez

    En ligas de hierro podes hacer estos tipos de videos.. Dudo mucho que la liga de platino 1 hacia arriba! Asiii cualquiera jajaja

  • necula teodor
    necula teodor

    assasin garen but then it;s just kasadin gameplay

  • Crévieaux Quentin
    Crévieaux Quentin

    All I see is a guy sealclubbing with his smurf. Wow. Not interesting.

  • 木奶虎銘

    justice Backstab

  • Jakub Sokolik
    Jakub Sokolik

    There is some ( dead ) memes in this league gameplay

  • Emir Yalçın
    Emir Yalçın LoL blitzcrank montage video Thanks for watching bros I am new.

  • PlaDKapa official
    PlaDKapa official

    Έλληνας είσαι;

  • animasyon türkçe dublaj film MaFTeyN animasyonları
    animasyon türkçe dublaj film MaFTeyN animasyonları

    no pentakil

  • Thoms Kn
    Thoms Kn

    Playing bronze games for montage

  • Dont Mind Me
    Dont Mind Me

    Really love your content, keep uo the good work ♥️

  • Joanne Figueroa
    Joanne Figueroa

    I got it ur name is godzu and dogzu it means dg

  • Ponmailon John
    Ponmailon John

    The real title should be: get 5 lvl advantage with a normal build and kill everybody

  • Dusan Tolic
    Dusan Tolic



    1:53 JOJO :))

  • Amarià

    Haa nice ! Thanks for using my swingy music 🎺🦦

  • Brave Conq
    Brave Conq

    That Garen game looked like a loss because you never split pushed...

  • Pepik Novakys
    Pepik Novakys

    Moc memů v tom.

  • Josue Rodríguez Rubio
    Josue Rodríguez Rubio

    Someone also believes that the further you move away from the r of veigar, the more impact it has

  • Kaynak

    At 5:27 I thought you flashed lmao

  • T R A S H
    T R A S H


  • c n
    c n

    nice video, keep going :D

  • Тюленио II
    Тюленио II

    5:52 nice garen skin

  • DawidGudalewskiOfficial

    Whats Runes did u use here

  • maraz_ali _06
    maraz_ali _06

    perfect kill sound xd

  • King Of Basketball
    King Of Basketball

    Penta garen XD i subed

  • Ho Ban
    Ho Ban


  • ProEdGeX

    Music kinda trash

  • Leandro Silva
    Leandro Silva

    Nice game with bots.

  • Adrian Verano
    Adrian Verano

    can i have a PC or a Cellphone please

  • Actual Mouse
    Actual Mouse


  • MrMechPunch

    Garen is just jax, but 100x better

  • cristian games canal juegos y mas
    cristian games canal juegos y mas

    Name of the first song?

  • mario witara
    mario witara

    How do you have 18 lvl and the rest of your team has 12 lvl

  • Tae Soo Park
    Tae Soo Park

    Nice video, name of the first music plz

  • Fa Di
    Fa Di

    Anyone knows the name of the first song?

    • Rodrigo Jurado
      Rodrigo Jurado

      swing rabbit swing amaria

  • Duşakabir

    Where is dogzu:(

  • Quinten 730
    Quinten 730

    Pantakill xd

  • Matthew Kennedy
    Matthew Kennedy

    Nice moves, but you can't claim a pentakill when your kill count only goes from 26 to 27...

    • Mariusz Kujawa
      Mariusz Kujawa

      It's called sarcasm

  • Lord Of Gore
    Lord Of Gore

    "THIS ONESHIT GAREN BUILD IS OP" The description box is a gold mine

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Those Kassadin plays were on point too

  • Milos Sekulic
    Milos Sekulic

    eh that smurfers

  • Alexandre Bernard
    Alexandre Bernard

    The song at 3.20 is Breeze - Elektronomia

  • Zed

    Very hard champ

  • Andrej

    Veigar kid need to go sleep, good video

  • Lord Faraón
    Lord Faraón

    Alguien mas se dio cuenta que Godzu le tenía un miedo terrible al Brand? xd

  • Nevzat Armutcu
    Nevzat Armutcu


  • Oskari Ilola
    Oskari Ilola

    What is the song 3 40

  • Hecatonquiro x
    Hecatonquiro x

    Music plz

  • Filipczak 011
    Filipczak 011

    Maybe full ap nautilus ??

  • patryk usielski
    patryk usielski

    If you have your team if you want a nerf and a nickname

  • The Yee Guy
    The Yee Guy


  • Dumbs

    nice thumbnail

    • Ture Sörnäs Borell
      Ture Sörnäs Borell

      It's the same thumnail as dumbs nasus video XD

    • Emir Yalçın
      Emir Yalçın LoL blitzcrank montage video Tanks for watching bros

    • Adrian Verano
      Adrian Verano

      can i have a PC or a Cellphone please

    • Adrian Verano
      Adrian Verano

      can i have a PC or a Cellphone please

    • The Moth
      The Moth

      @Godzu i was gonna compliment your editing, it really has come a long way

  • Ivan Gonzalez
    Ivan Gonzalez

    Name Music? 5:00

  • Glory Andy
    Glory Andy


  • Branislav Jakubčin
    Branislav Jakubčin

    nice vyd bro

  • sanwyrth

    What server are you in Godzu?

  • keko meko
    keko meko

    Nice Penta :D

  • WeldMaster

    This tryndamere makes my soul having suicide thoughts.

  • eric eagle
    eric eagle

    Shows Pentakill image but 1 death increases in scores Me: Seems legit

  • Cainco

    This montage and sounds 😂😂😂😂😂😂 so fckin funny

  • Andrés Cardona
    Andrés Cardona

    Elo :iron v

  • 정준경

    anyone know ost using this video?

  • Dušan

    Memes got a little bit old , but gameplay is good .

  • _Dst_Mc_Hamza_TC_LoL_

    Hello godzu can you make video of gragas plz

  • MikeOfficial

    mohl by si začít přidávat runy na začátek videa

  • Dark

    Are u smurfing?

  • Blue Droid
    Blue Droid

    do an crit aatrox vid pls he too good critttttt luvv u (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

  • kanepe 21
    kanepe 21

    We: ohh lets watch garen video Godzu: no its kasadin video :)))

  • Daljit Mahal
    Daljit Mahal

    Was that acctulayy a penta

    • Daljit Mahal
      Daljit Mahal

      Nvm it wasnt

  • Mega XD
    Mega XD

    Title: ASSASSIN GAREN Kassadin gameplay

  • Ali Hany
    Ali Hany

    Nice champ xd my hope to play neek iam main zed and neeko ♥️😂

  • Joao Gabriel
    Joao Gabriel


  • iiTzZarra

    Hi dad its me ur lost son

  • Juily69

    Garen and Kassadin xd

  • Mustafa şahin Özünlü
    Mustafa şahin Özünlü

    We want godzu vs dogzu in 1vs1

  • Sicarius2710

    Wtf garen destruction xdxd

  • Kinjo Riyoji
    Kinjo Riyoji

    This Channel is inspiring me to play every Champ

    • Micsean

      @Denis Musarra lol

    • Denis Musarra
      Denis Musarra

      Pls dont play garen

    • Alejo Molano
      Alejo Molano

      Me too

  • Nam Ngo
    Nam Ngo

    Give me music pls :)))

    • Rodrigo Jurado
      Rodrigo Jurado

      swing rabbit swing amaria

  • TweentyOne ツ
    TweentyOne ツ

    this is like iron elo lmao no shit u get kills, u are not even good at the game

  • Benim 75 TL Mi Ver
    Benim 75 TL Mi Ver

    Tryndamere Bronze

  • Bobeš

    Can you make more giveaways pls

  • hacc

    0:49 my man got the canon and the kill :D

  • X__ Bimberlikee
    X__ Bimberlikee

    Try Yasuo darkharvest plese 👉👈

  • Aurelion Sol
    Aurelion Sol

    Aurélion Sol pls

  • папа папа
    папа папа

    u play in silvers matchmaking

  • junichi hashiba
    junichi hashiba

    Hmmmm that's a lot of damage

  • Hand of Noxus // LoL Funny Montages
    Hand of Noxus // LoL Funny Montages

    This spinner is so GOOD xDDDDD You can skip reading the next part of the comment. I made my first league of legend editing. If it's not difficult for you, take a look. Excuse me for mistakes in the comment, I am not from an English speaking country.

  • kayn 808
    kayn 808

    Still waiting for godzu to put the name of the musics in some place ;-;

    • kayn 808
      kayn 808

      @Rodrigo Jurado thank you man

    • Rodrigo Jurado
      Rodrigo Jurado

      The first song is: swing rabbit swing amaria Someone posted in comments below the other song after minute 3:20

    • T R A S H
      T R A S H

      kayn 808 Same these 2/3 songs are so good I want o know the Name of these lol

  • Heyp3r

    2:42 XD

  • Medel Evangelista
    Medel Evangelista

    what is your runes on that garen senpai godzu

  • Vinicius Vini
    Vinicius Vini

    Ss ele é MT bom

  • SE TheG2003
    SE TheG2003

    Nerf Alphelios: Hahaha Aphelios is useless, riot should give him 10 more weapons to make him usefull. Wtffff Aphelios tooo op, riot should take out all his weapons

  • Filip Pitura
    Filip Pitura

    When katarina?

  • Bradz Gaming
    Bradz Gaming

    tryndamere not using his 3rd skill

    • M'Pengu

      Bradz Gaming lol idk trynd

  • KriseQ

    Siema Polaczku

  • ddenozxd _
    ddenozxd _

    Bro you are so good wtf

  • Marco Silvosa
    Marco Silvosa

    Im impressed by the editing skills man damn