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  • Callum Bowen
    Callum Bowen

    0/10 this guy doesn’t even know Tiamat has an activated ability

  • Кристиан Атанасов
    Кристиан Атанасов

    godzu is noob no7 lv rene hah funny

  • Burak Yüksel
    Burak Yüksel

    ugh this akali is cancer af

  • Cocytus kun
    Cocytus kun

    0:09 name meme pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Delangel_

    Nasus with 3 kills after min 10: Are you sure about it?

  • Luca Laino Mustrangi
    Luca Laino Mustrangi

    But... Renekton is early

  • FrapeZ

    Men you play complex champions but your videos is so funny

  • K Piu Wong
    K Piu Wong

    bad combo

  • Gebrilas

    3:00 yeah we know bro

  • Lectobon

    Godzu ty si čech? Xd

    • Whiffyyy

      @Godzu fr ty jsi Čech? Xdd

    • Lectobon

      @Godzu Veľmi pekná tvorba :) pokračuj ďalej. Vždy sa zasmejem :)

    • Godzu

      jojo xd

  • BlackCherryBurst

    0:26 Where can see this meme?

  • jimmys kaplan
    jimmys kaplan

    I love clickbaits

  • Darmani

    I play renekton with no ignite

  • Mr. War
    Mr. War

    God please don’t be like laser beam that does Fortnite vids and over uses memes to many times like I’m begging you stop using “ I survived “ every time u die like it’s come to a point that I cant even watch ur content now please I’m literally crying rn I’m begging you like EVERY time I see that FUCKIng meme I just want to throw up so badly please plesseeeee

  • ZeeF

    It was a great game :D at least we won xd

    • Tomi Holop
      Tomi Holop

      It was a normals too xd

  • Jacobgbafa74 Gbafa
    Jacobgbafa74 Gbafa

    If there's no i survived or ks meme its not a godzu video

  • XHunterScott

    Worst, Riven, (LOL) Not Eu, Not Us, No.. (LOL)

  • Franklin

    HOW urgot lose to renekton???

  • anesthetize

    You are so fking bad XD

  • Gizelle Moraes
    Gizelle Moraes

    Urgot lixo desse,até eu faço isso

  • Elyktrify

    Renekton best champ❤

  • Perceville Burns
    Perceville Burns

    As an urgot main i take offense to thid. That is a trash urgot

  • Mariano Estrada
    Mariano Estrada

    wait you were 12-2 and said you survived then you were 12-3 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • S Entertainment
    S Entertainment

    Troll Urgot of crzay 🤣

  • Ficus GB
    Ficus GB

    Man those edits are so good that for a second I almost forgot about quarantine. ALMOST. wear masks btw

  • Rigó Domonkos
    Rigó Domonkos

    U always plays against noobs broo.....

  • Unboxholics Giveaways
    Unboxholics Giveaways


  • Nikolai Qnkov
    Nikolai Qnkov

    I love how urgot lose vs rene

  • Shreenath Walvekar
    Shreenath Walvekar


  • Lucifer Xx
    Lucifer Xx

    bruh how the hell r u playing in diamond elo those player like silver 2 wtf

  • Pjoter

    This urgot is wood divison

  • Pant1

    3:46 what's the soundtrack does anyone know?

    • Pant1

      @Pierluigi Locatelli thanks man

    • Pierluigi Locatelli
      Pierluigi Locatelli

      Naruto theme song - bad flute cover

  • Kana Sama
    Kana Sama

    your from cz ? :D

    • Kana Sama
      Kana Sama

      @Pavol Magočlol :D ja som bol plat 2 ... keby som mohol .. tak si ma pridaj ... *Violev* meno ... alebo *Seiki* ... EUNE

    • Pavol Magoč
      Pavol Magoč

      @Kana Sama hej no akurat s nim hrajem lul

    • Kana Sama
      Kana Sama

      @Pavol Magoč to je bomba proste ... xd konecne niekto

    • Pavol Magoč
      Pavol Magoč

      jo je z česka

  • Ajay Playzz
    Ajay Playzz

    5:17 song?

  • cc ww
    cc ww

    3:18 What is the song name

  • Hector He
    Hector He

    LoL you ask me to suscribe when im already suscribed bro

  • Ivan Stanušić
    Ivan Stanušić

    Omfg I can't, this Urgot, instead of escaping with dash ability he uses it every time to kill himself

  • Kotek Bs Sanszi i sówcia
    Kotek Bs Sanszi i sówcia

    I see you like to joke about the hobbit, say hello to brother dogz

  • Nick Levanishvili
    Nick Levanishvili

    Godzu please tell me 0:26 which meme is this man

  • Pussy Bandit
    Pussy Bandit

    Gay riven)))))

  • Máté 2003
    Máté 2003

    You did a penta with that Urgot😏❤

  • alien onions
    alien onions

    Im just here to dislike

  • Bartosz 130
    Bartosz 130

    3:02 im this fan

  • Karol Medrygal
    Karol Medrygal

    He has diamond and he plays w silvers

  • Manuel SuicidaL
    Manuel SuicidaL

    i fucking love ur edits bro

  • Air Gaming
    Air Gaming

    that deja vu killed me HAHA

  • Pedro ThePortogesH
    Pedro ThePortogesH

    Nice samba 😂😂😂😂

  • Mark Angelo De Lara
    Mark Angelo De Lara


  • Kevin Botton
    Kevin Botton

    Es muy probable que nadie vea esto, pero tus vídeos son muy buenos bro, desde Perú, latinoamérica sur! Psdt: El comentario en español que buscabas:v

  • Soy Teemo 。
    Soy Teemo 。


  • Bin Dojo
    Bin Dojo

    i survived cringeeee

  • Lucifer

    Riot pls nerf Renekton pls he is not just strong in early game. He is strong all time.

  • Tùng Trần
    Tùng Trần

    This clip So boring

  • HaNo


  • Sebastian Cañulef
    Sebastian Cañulef

    Godzu touch te ctl + the power is a intantane app

  • Francinemarinelle Reyes
    Francinemarinelle Reyes

    rekenton is op shet!!!!!

  • esdras silva de oliveira
    esdras silva de oliveira

    Name of puppet dance

  • Dragon 7002
    Dragon 7002

    Please stop using the I survived clip

  • Tomáš Kresa
    Tomáš Kresa

    the first day I try to have Godzu play with me

  • Marcin Roman
    Marcin Roman

    3:01 i knew

  • Gabriel Richman
    Gabriel Richman

    Bro real fans know I survived xd

  • Aguss _
    Aguss _

    bro with what program do you edit? ITS so cool

  • Sensei-zp92

    Lofr references everywhere :D

  • Anthony Pressley
    Anthony Pressley

    Heres a challenge. Use brand new memes and sounds next video. Although you have great and entertaining editing skills I feel like you recycle quite a bit.

  • Royal Cavalry
    Royal Cavalry

    hi godzu, i always watch your videos and you inspired me to make on of then thats why i make my own version too. Can u help me to gain 300subs please?

  • Sabanis _
    Sabanis _

    Where can i find some of the songs u are using

  • prison gaming ali selb7es
    prison gaming ali selb7es

    play sona top lane

  • jiijcool

    Add a troll music instead of this non copyrighted one


    Fk from turkey :)

  • xxKsywekxx

    what server are you playing on

  • Pedro Gomes
    Pedro Gomes

    Can u please play shaco ap????

  • Frederic Peyre
    Frederic Peyre

    can someone tell me what is the 1st song plz

  • Vagner Santos
    Vagner Santos

    x1 lixo ?

  • best KS Việt Nam no1
    best KS Việt Nam no1

    Worst Urgot player in the world

  • Jor Seker
    Jor Seker

    Godzu смотрят даже в России)

  • Eren Başaran
    Eren Başaran


  • Challenging Smite
    Challenging Smite

    Every game I've had against Urgot has been easy, cause I'm pretty good with Renekton. *Cough cough* 20/4/10


    He godzu where are you from

  • Giorgos Arvanitis
    Giorgos Arvanitis

    Go full ad cassio

  • Fizz

    Urgot is john sena by lidl xd

  • EvA. Ns
    EvA. Ns

    u must be playing with iron urgot for you to win the lane so easy.... cause urgot never loses lanes especialy from renekton

  • Cihan Öz
    Cihan Öz

    rekenton is op

  • ISAK.M

    Bruh running Ignite Top? cheezer

  • Zaid Aldecoa
    Zaid Aldecoa

    finally, my great champion ❤️

  • Felipi de Sousa Santana Melo
    Felipi de Sousa Santana Melo

    Hey man.. try Pantheon with Ruined King of first item pls kkkk

    • Felipi de Sousa Santana Melo
      Felipi de Sousa Santana Melo

      Ruined King, Drakthar, Black Cleaver, death dance, deadman or marmothius.. your power spike is ruined king.. enjoy

  • GhoulPrince

    Poor guy he just wanted to try out the champ🤣

  • Alexander Neon
    Alexander Neon

    what is the original vid of "i survived"

  • Fragolas


  • Vinchezno

    Bro imagine actually living after an Urgot ult, you're a fucking legend and riot says "legends never die: :)

  • WhisperInTheWind

    SORYY Godzu XD i come late

  • Aleksa Ristic Ytp
    Aleksa Ristic Ytp

    8:14 LOOK chat gay riven and what is this rank silver boy

  • Fabiano silveira
    Fabiano silveira

    5:47 pls nerf auto atack

  • underforge

    I can't keep up with watching your films XD

  • Hasib Majumder
    Hasib Majumder

    i love how is a urgot saying renekton is broken

    • dragon life
      dragon life

      @Behlül Kilic I am rengar main He is not broken... I love him couse He is balanced kapp

    • yuvraj bhasha
      yuvraj bhasha

      @Sean Sky really? would that mean hes bad in low elo if he doesnt scale? like i know he doesnt scale well but u can still play him late

    • Ákos Szabó
      Ákos Szabó

      btw its just an edit urgot didnt say he was broken, it was our five stack aganist him first game, (and we won) i was the cassio

    • Hasib Majumder
      Hasib Majumder

      Behlül Kilic renek is horrible he loses evry scenario possible

    • Hasib Majumder
      Hasib Majumder

      Sean Sky in high ranks she is perma banned due to being too good at her full potential

  • Black Hunter
    Black Hunter

    Play akali bro ^^

  • Jeri

    Ofc this champ is so crazy.. I have renekton behind my house 😂😂😂

  • Marko Nijemcevic
    Marko Nijemcevic

    Is this ranked or normal

    • Raton Mtfkr
      Raton Mtfkr

      It's normal vs iron and bronze

  • Earf

    Song for 3:45 ??

    • Earf

      @DANI 250 thats it thanks!

    • DANI 250
      DANI 250

      Naruto flute ?

  • Dionisios Panou
    Dionisios Panou

    0:07 jg wins the lane

  • Gergő Hegedüs
    Gergő Hegedüs

    Yay old man yeet is back