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  • Domz.

    You call me bro.. ok i’ll sub

  • stiven peske
    stiven peske

    Full ap garen

  • m3tai lp
    m3tai lp

    my name on league of legends is Skypr023 i gift me pls yasuo skin pls

  • DefaultDances

    Its been over 4 days since this came out and i just got the noti 3 hours ago

  • maicol guevara
    maicol guevara

    Why i dont have my 10000 rp :c. ?

  • Carlos Perez
    Carlos Perez

    My 10k of rp? 🤔 🤔 🤔

  • Wind Blade
    Wind Blade

    hahaha 10 000 RP? hahahaha

  • LouLou LaLoutre
    LouLou LaLoutre

    How can u have so much sub for playing in custom

    • Milos Nesic
      Milos Nesic

      its no custom idiot , i play a lot times vs him , and he put it in video

  • Quentin Van Rompu
    Quentin Van Rompu

    Silver vs lvl 10

  • Peter Zvak
    Peter Zvak

    0:26 godzu with adamson after playing league all day

  • Max Solorzano
    Max Solorzano

    NICE INTRO Dogzu

  • Skorpio PL
    Skorpio PL

    Give me my RP xd

  • Roman Kiselev
    Roman Kiselev

    @godzu for next video with nasus or jax. rsloft.info/loft/video/p5ep24uuvJbXnZQ

  • Jonatas Wolff
    Jonatas Wolff

    this link business to earn RP that is in the description works or not ???

  • League of AMV
    League of AMV

    Subscribe if you like anime and league of legend 😅

  • League of AMV
    League of AMV


  • maplesyrup !
    maplesyrup !

    This is gosu he abuses memes and gives earape

  • Gary Bednarczyk
    Gary Bednarczyk

    Job is done i wait my 10 000rp lol

  • Ali Reis
    Ali Reis

    2:20 wtf 🤣🤣

  • Kolys

    ye potahal jsem Godzua xd "kappa" XD

  • Kazna

    Oh man, the fart broke me lol

  • Lokito

    Its not kill/death/assist Its kill/i survived/ks Keep up the good work godzu ur the best 6:15 that heal :o

  • neyron :v
    neyron :v

    Give me the 10k rp, I want the skins 👀👀👀

  • Mark Hany
    Mark Hany

    Imagine if he kill them with magic

  • Gábor Ilonczai
    Gábor Ilonczai

    Can you upload some uncut ranked videos? That would be interesting too, I think. Btw funny vids👍🏻

  • Wojciech Przemyk
    Wojciech Przemyk

    I love u Godziu but i think ur giveaway is not working. I still dont get my rp

  • hoàng cter
    hoàng cter

    Hmmmmmmm where my free rp

  • Vuk Milanovic
    Vuk Milanovic

    Look at the skills Look at the moves Gozsu What was that

  • Fizz

    0:26 xddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  • AcxenYT

    ah someone give him rp that thing to me he does not give me

  • Γιώργος Κοντακης
    Γιώργος Κοντακης

    I play Jax with 50% crit and my friend's doesn't agreed that

  • SakiSaki Yoshida
    SakiSaki Yoshida

    4:14 rip

  • kostas K
    kostas K

    how gay you are godzu 0:26

  • Zig Zag
    Zig Zag

    Hi Godzu, i dont know or u will answer to my question or not, but can u always give ur runes always in discription?:)

  • D0ctorZaius CZ
    D0ctorZaius CZ

    hele ty free rp je fake? protože udelal jsem co tam pišeš a nic nemam ._.

  • Gonzalo Zemaites
    Gonzalo Zemaites

    how i can get the RP i dont understad please help

  • PanosFlafy

    I subscribed

  • Thanh Nguyen
    Thanh Nguyen

    Is the give away world wide?

  • N҉o҉c҉t҉u҉r҉n҉e҉

    play full ap noc ?sry my english bad xd

  • Thiago Martins
    Thiago Martins

    just me who didn't win these Rps?

  • hadi p
    hadi p

    some one tell me what is this music gofile.io/d/cu55zV it is played background the video i love it tell me pls i need full music

  • Jax Chirac
    Jax Chirac

    *Jax Chirac seal of approval*

  • SAD Ooofer
    SAD Ooofer

    appreciated the content thanks

  • Görkem Felek
    Görkem Felek

    Sa Godzu

  • Francisco Loureiro
    Francisco Loureiro

    When r u gonna announce the winner?

  • gyu won
    gyu won

    Hi! You subscribe to the Adamson channel and write an e-mail to get the 10000RP in front of the video?

  • adrian sorillano
    adrian sorillano

    ban jax LOL

  • Hasan Bayındır
    Hasan Bayındır

    This 10000rp raffle or something somebody explain to me pls (sorry bad English)

  • Sett Or Feed
    Sett Or Feed

    I survived...

  • HereX

    Give you RP for all or for random one?

  • Lazar Stancic
    Lazar Stancic

    I did all the steps

  • Leonard Gereg
    Leonard Gereg

    and when I get 10000 rp?

  • Hasan Bayındır
    Hasan Bayındır

    How to take 1000rp

  • dexter

    5:17 5:53 dejavu

  • Lord Kaiser
    Lord Kaiser

    Crit lord n Savior Godzu

  • Michal Sýkora
    Michal Sýkora

    Probably my fauvorite czech youtuber

  • Fo Javier Rodríguez Bello
    Fo Javier Rodríguez Bello

    Siempre juegas contra elo bajo es normal.

  • FreeZzo 88
    FreeZzo 88

    I subt your Homie XD love your Vids keep it up m8

  • Yunus Emre Vural
    Yunus Emre Vural

    4:40 mf wet dream xd

  • rob1k

    pichanijecool xD best nickname ever

  • DeadFaceHD

    It feels like this is the built to go on like 90% of all ad or autoattack champion out there ps: the meta is fucked you can play everything anywhere and it works as long as I scales or you are better than your mmr/elo

  • Dulce Carmesí
    Dulce Carmesí

    2:02 JAJAJ

  • Lukáš Nevšímal
    Lukáš Nevšímal

    Godzu proč děláš anglický videa když jsi Čech?

  • temegbronz challangervagyok
    temegbronz challangervagyok

    0:50 yoooo from a naruto mobile game. Dude you are legend😂

  • weebs go wooby crap
    weebs go wooby crap

    I better win

  • Rolando Reinoso
    Rolando Reinoso

    I survived

  • b1alekxrd

    Full ap riven?

  • ͔

    3:28 song?

  • Kenzo velasco
    Kenzo velasco

    Post a game where u lost

  • Huy Mai Dương
    Huy Mai Dương

    are u really sure that was a giveayway cause i from vietnam sever

  • John Paul
    John Paul

    That was crazy HAHAH

  • Rafel Sarri Castell
    Rafel Sarri Castell

    Hey I just subbed to Adamson

  • SineSs

    Korean bulix

  • Mario09

    Can someone tell me the order of that build and if he's using the tipic runes?

  • Adrian Perez
    Adrian Perez

    Godzu I'm in other server (LAN) the giveaway is for other servers too?

    • Adrian Perez
      Adrian Perez

      @Dachi Asistishvili I will say it in Spanish Este evento de los Riot points es para otros servidores tambien? Como el de Latinoamérica

    • Adrian Perez
      Adrian Perez

      @Dachi Asistishvili sorry As I said My english is not the best one

    • Dachi Asistishvili
      Dachi Asistishvili

      What you mean in server? Im first of his giveaway and i dont understand what you mean

  • mS. Adikk
    mS. Adikk

    This wukong its from Poland xD

    • EzioCzech

      And tree other from Czech, 😂😂

  • Carlito66

    Full tank yummi trust

  • Melvin en las nubes
    Melvin en las nubes

    Im 100% sure im winning the give away 😎😎😎

  • HashX3


  • Jhosaro Garcia
    Jhosaro Garcia

    0:26 Godzu moment xD

  • JohnRay Vergara
    JohnRay Vergara

    wow your very awesome to build crit Jax that amazing and I will subscribe u my name in lol SOUTHSTARDRUG

  • Soulking 23
    Soulking 23

    If am from LAN can still play por the 10krp?

  • Gabriel Campos
    Gabriel Campos

    How you select the winners of the 10000 Rp (sorry for the bad english)

  • Isy f
    Isy f

    Someone can explain me how we have champs with any kind of weapons including guns, chains, etc. And the champ that uses a lamp can be played with any kind of build and don't be bad

  • ChouZy

    Full crit leesin

  • Ahmed Hany
    Ahmed Hany

    iam new fan i wish you are funny youtuber


    Oi, i from Brasil

  • Blarfos

    Illaoi next(?

  • 齋藤幸男


  • Игорь Куликов
    Игорь Куликов

    Круто Godzu)

  • Felipe Esteban Rojas Araujo
    Felipe Esteban Rojas Araujo

    Alv ya fuerte jax crítico xd

  • Francisco Shedrack
    Francisco Shedrack

    Good suns

  • MoRe OcEaN
    MoRe OcEaN

    Výborné video :)

    • Godzu


  • DarkDragon300

    GODZU, YOU HAVE TO TRY EKKO FULL CRIT (Core items for this build Botrk and IE, then you can build whatever crit/ad item you want). That Ekko E MELTS. I also recommend to use Dark Harvest and Sorcery. Last thing, if you build Rapid Fire it gets even better, because your E range becomes insane

  • O_________ ____O
    O_________ ____O

    i like the xd lamp

  • Heliazz Medina Castro
    Heliazz Medina Castro

    Where are my free skins and 10000 rp :v?

  • Grady Burkhart
    Grady Burkhart

    Ur team inting doe

  • Oliver Motycka
    Oliver Motycka

    Nazdárek godzu kdy bude ten českej Channel jinak dobré ráno 😄

    • Godzu

      Brzo! díky

  • Rafaela Maltinha
    Rafaela Maltinha

    OMG!!! I just LOVE ur contente, my mom thinks That im Crash bcs i laught só nas😂

  • Filip Lewandowski
    Filip Lewandowski

    As jax main im confused