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  • GG WP
    GG WP

    Full ap is crazy !!

  • Cold Ice
    Cold Ice

    Bro i am Antonio i give my email private for proof but u don t send ME nothing

  • Ngoc Anh Do
    Ngoc Anh Do

    7:15 name? Pls

  • rodrigo corrales chaupi
    rodrigo corrales chaupi


  • Oliwier 1
    Oliwier 1

    WHY IM NOT WIN :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((9

  • David Dante
    David Dante

    Hey man. I see my name over there but no my start of email. I won right?

  • filip silvasi
    filip silvasi

    3:40 song?

  • 싸없새

    3:09 what is sound effect?

  • Blook

    trynda letality please

  • Matúš Bariny
    Matúš Bariny

    Haha, every one video is clickbate

  • The Yasuo Main
    The Yasuo Main

    Ap trynda is shit

  • Ahmet Furkan
    Ahmet Furkan

    Where is my new video, Godzu ?

  • EVIL kirby !
    EVIL kirby !

    can you do a lethality tryndamere vid?

  • Quan Minh
    Quan Minh

    Could you make video in challenger rank ??

  • Soma

    Katarina go BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. we need Kata >:0

  • Diego Silva
    Diego Silva

    I love your videos I am BR

  • andrik sanchez
    andrik sanchez

    Yi vs trynda in urf Yi wins

  • Furkan Özarslan
    Furkan Özarslan

    İ think godzu isnt real

  • Filip Lapucha
    Filip Lapucha

    Plz gime ur build

  • Lilli

    Pls play mobile legends

  • Thekirpik


  • Linkz

    Yo congrats to the people that won the 10k rp! Respects to Godzu for doing the giveaway

  • Shadow Conqueror
    Shadow Conqueror

    Hmm 🧐 why does the email addresses look similar to each other of the giveaway winners

  • Regikazih

    Uh, I didn't won again *Unsubs makla*

  • Victor Gamer 12
    Victor Gamer 12

    I'm br I thinked e-mail go to us to lol lol lol

  • Jakub Kodýtek
    Jakub Kodýtek

    Why ap?

  • Marto BG
    Marto BG

    Ти си най лудия българин на лига жив и здрав!!!

  • isaiah austin
    isaiah austin

    When you realize he was building ap

  • Gergin Görünüşlü Adam
    Gergin Görünüşlü Adam

    8:42 ez kids xD

  • Shuriken Gamer
    Shuriken Gamer

    Say hi to me pls iam your big fan Me: When Godzu Say Hi To Me Nice nice nice nice

  • yasou lavilla
    yasou lavilla

    I need rp plsss donate me

  • Theresia Karyna
    Theresia Karyna

    Im sick today, bot when you uploaded,,, made me light up!

  • Martin Paclik
    Martin Paclik

    Im here to watch yone play

  • Antek Sutarzewicz
    Antek Sutarzewicz

    Bro sąd me to friends please Calvin Kejn

  • Szymon Szostak
    Szymon Szostak

    Every my game i played a trandamere he is op op

  • my personal account
    my personal account

    All aboard Tryndamere/Yuumi quick trip across Summoners Rift! Next destination: your death

  • my personal account
    my personal account

    Tryndamere Urf: Spin To Win 2.0

  • Reign Elexir Jover
    Reign Elexir Jover

    Godzu how can I be at the give away?

  • Makuta Konrat
    Makuta Konrat

    Full AP Trendamere?

  • jhonny aricoma
    jhonny aricoma

    crei que gane :( me llamo jhonny pero con h antes :(((((((((((((

  • Ben Alexander
    Ben Alexander

    If they just made it so his e can't go through walls and has slightly higher cd he would be balanced.

  • Taverna dos gamers
    Taverna dos gamers

    I lost again pls godzu give for me pls Nick:Lolpads pls godzu Have mercy


    dat neko tryn disgunting HAHAHAHAH

  • Diego González
    Diego González

    I think I won xdxd Although the mail has not reached me yet =( Godzu Help me

  • Sebastian Iftimie
    Sebastian Iftimie

    U are Nobzu no godzu

  • Felipe Lanas
    Felipe Lanas

    A los qlos que le ponen no me gusta, les gusta el pico

  • Jhon Michael Labasbas
    Jhon Michael Labasbas

    for third time i dint win :((((((((((

  • KPZZ

    I didn't win the third time, I've had enough(

  • Michal Lolasd
    Michal Lolasd

    wtf mate? u didnt get 27/0 score, and u even not played with gragas, WHY ure lying in ur movie title?!

  • Gintaras Bulvicius
    Gintaras Bulvicius

    Yeah bro tell us the music that you use or put links in description below would help

  • Paloma Viajera
    Paloma Viajera

    Pls i need your help, i won but i dont have my email pls contact to me, plssss help me :( my email is pls someone help me

    • Paloma Viajera
      Paloma Viajera

      I am Diego

  • Sieg Heil
    Sieg Heil

    how r u dude

  • Juandiego Recuero
    Juandiego Recuero

    Come on lest play gareen

  • Mohamed Ali
    Mohamed Ali

    I didn't got any rp wtf

  • Bolek Pro
    Bolek Pro

    Wp iron player

  • Leandro Romero
    Leandro Romero

    Otra vez no gane :c

  • ItzMed Yt
    ItzMed Yt

    I didn t win again better luck next time congrats winners

  • Elek 151
    Elek 151

    So I first subscribed and I didn't win That's not worth to take part in next giveaway

  • Göktuğ Akgül
    Göktuğ Akgül

    Whats song name 3:41

  • Wilian Guzman Mamani
    Wilian Guzman Mamani

    6:22 nombre de la música?

  • José Otávio De Souza Lessa
    José Otávio De Souza Lessa

    I like to do a full lethality with infinity edge tryndamere. His auto does 2000 damage

  • Bunjo

    0:01 In number 7 it was propably me but i have not If u can write all @Godzu

    • Marcin Matysiak
      Marcin Matysiak

      @Bunjo Kto to wie :D Ale adres jest nieprawidłowy, gratz za spostrzegawczość :D Ja się nie dopatrzyłem :D

    • Bunjo

      @Marcin Matysiak może jeszcze inny Marcin wygrał XDD

    • Marcin Matysiak
      Marcin Matysiak

      Emm... I think this is my mail. But yeah - I see mistake 2.

  • physical depression
    physical depression

    2:01 damn that slap, i felt that

  • Jan zj
    Jan zj

    Dude how can u make 2 videos a day with this edits

  • Давид Доманов
    Давид Доманов

    Bruh i got clickbaited

  • Israel Garcia
    Israel Garcia

    Why we still here is just the suffer

  • Diogo Jesus
    Diogo Jesus

    Make sona or Kata full ap urf

  • Erick David Hernandez
    Erick David Hernandez

    But the entry only said subscribe not enter email :(

  • houssem noomen
    houssem noomen same video !

  • Karol Piasek
    Karol Piasek


    • Beasteryi

      @Karol Piasek mk

    • Karol Piasek
      Karol Piasek

      @Beasteryi i hope so

    • Karol Piasek
      Karol Piasek

      @Beasteryi i hope so :))

    • Beasteryi

      He will dw

  • Marcin Radziszewski
    Marcin Radziszewski

    I still dont know cuz here is my name on 7 place

  • Branson Cluff
    Branson Cluff

    “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GROUND” dude my childhood

  • Criss Are
    Criss Are

    0:1 :)))))))))))

  • Frank Mafiaboss
    Frank Mafiaboss

    Yo Godzu pls make a full crit Bard Video xDddd

  • Ramiro García
    Ramiro García

    Aatrox critico y daga + pasiva = Oneshot

  • Kostadin Zhekov
    Kostadin Zhekov

    I cant,your video style is Unique! I am laughing out loud all the time.

  • Zagur333

    *Tdej gud vedr.*

  • Πετρος λυμπεροπουλος
    Πετρος λυμπεροπουλος


  • Daniel c
    Daniel c

    Bro what graphics you use in the game xd ¿Media?

  • M Gavrilović
    M Gavrilović

    adrian got ... fake

  • Abel Mamani
    Abel Mamani

    2:20 Nice build Jhin

  • Kaptain Kromosome
    Kaptain Kromosome

    Guys i'm starting to think that Godzu may not actually survive when he says he does 0_0

    • Temperance

      well, the death count proves it.

    • my personal account
      my personal account

      We all think like that at some point, I can definitely feel your confusion but he survived. lmao.

    • Cristhian Acosta
      Cristhian Acosta

      Blazzzzphemy! >:C

  • Mezee Channel
    Mezee Channel

    Try ekko

  • Bartosz Ludwicki
    Bartosz Ludwicki

    Go full ap nunu on urf

  • Challenging Smite
    Challenging Smite

    Wish I could win a giveaway, for once...

    • Mohammad Alkurd
      Mohammad Alkurd

      @TonyDrawsTM there is like 50k people in the giveaway and 10 wins its tooo rare bro

    • TonyDrawsTM

      Me too, already participate in 2 and no win :(

  • Eltroller3000n

    bro I also want to win> :(

  • Eltroller3000n


  • Alex Barberán
    Alex Barberán


  • Jakub Bałek
    Jakub Bałek

    yuumi + tryndamere= skill

  • Wolf_Play


  • Benjo

    Where are you from bro

  • N҉o҉c҉t҉u҉r҉n҉e҉

    When will ap noc video come? sry my english is bad and you my favorite channel

  • kostas K
    kostas K

    7:43 animal abuse reportttttttttttttt

  • Sai tama
    Sai tama


  • Polloski 31
    Polloski 31

    Videazo pana xd

  • Artemisai

    The spitting sound effects really got me rolling 😂😂😂

  • mauri233

    I knew I was not going to win, damn

  • Sagi

    Godzu is pro dogzu is noob

    • Ratchanon

      Gg​ kid

  • Maida Pra
    Maida Pra

    Good vídeo man. I wish sometimes win a giveaway

  • arief fachrudin
    arief fachrudin

    I can't wait to play URF

    • Christos Daskalinas
      Christos Daskalinas

      its live in every server