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  • freddouklas gamer
    freddouklas gamer

    The best RSloft ever I love up 😍 😍 😍

  • juange :V
    juange :V

    1:36 nice wall to kayn is 100% silver 3 plays

  • Leonardo Gonçalves
    Leonardo Gonçalves

    3:40 why do you have 2 musics playing at the same time?

  • Andres Faraco
    Andres Faraco

    Let me introduce my rammus jg, malphite top, malzahar mid, samira adc and nautilus supp, with thornmail, morello and executioners call :v

  • Travis Stryder
    Travis Stryder

    Please. Don't give them a fake hope please. Im begging you.

  • Curro0o0o00o Ríos García
    Curro0o0o00o Ríos García


  • Miggy Dumpit
    Miggy Dumpit

    bruh dying channel lol

  • Nomad urudjdj
    Nomad urudjdj

    dude am I the only one noticed that the players do some dumb shit like the are silver

  • Ondrej Havelka
    Ondrej Havelka

    Idk but these videos are making my day ten times better 😆

  • Eperjesi Álmos
    Eperjesi Álmos

    Give me my Lamborghini

  • juliogamer brq
    juliogamer brq

    Shes uses hack

  • D͢r͟e̸χʏ⦔ツ

    7:34 Q + Flash is better than Flash + Q

  • FriV

    Gazik polsichxR

  • Trung Hiếu Trần
    Trung Hiếu Trần

    Fun fact: he die several time on undieable build =)

  • Jerome Reyes
    Jerome Reyes

    Pls show runes

  • MR.Aimbot

    name of songs plz

  • MR.Aimbot

    Runes? plz

  • Beta

    q. aa. q. e.q.flash.r.aa.q.e and ctrl+6

  • Daryll Briones
    Daryll Briones

    Someone discover my build

  • Abd alramahi
    Abd alramahi

    Just want to say you not a great yasuo🌞👍

  • sh1et

    What runes?

  • ZR Official
    ZR Official

    With those iron player i can win with AP Yasuo LMAO

  • GIO 27
    GIO 27

    8:35 look at chat "tryharding in normals" thats so sad u have to play in normals to feel good

  • Jomael Armenta
    Jomael Armenta

    Unless if u a cancer.

  • Filip Dziendziel
    Filip Dziendziel

    what is that music pls 0:34 what is that music plsss

    • irisvan junior
      irisvan junior


  • Frost YT
    Frost YT

    what song did you use in the very beginning?

    • Frost YT
      Frost YT

      also what song did you use at 3:13? is soooo goood

  • Danilo Milović
    Danilo Milović

    you are still bad..... you dont have a skin

  • samisera

    Godzu in other video: No counter for Samira. Also Godzu:

  • Ahmed Keradi
    Ahmed Keradi

    Yo the music at the start is soio goid

  • laioneq

    pls give me a gift nick: Marcin20087

  • Kajin oh
    Kajin oh

    Ok give me one 10:04 XD

  • Gaming Honor
    Gaming Honor

    How is that video with the gun called?

  • Cold Pizza
    Cold Pizza

    Me: proceeds to die anyways

  • Gupta Chandra
    Gupta Chandra

    that is my favouritw build for yasuo

  • Mert Can
    Mert Can

    unsubscibe to atheist

  • Major ktryx /ktryx se lit 4x
    Major ktryx /ktryx se lit 4x

    Ty dude for the Lamborghini ❤️😉

  • Jakub Kobla
    Jakub Kobla

    I kill thys yasuo I Play full build kog maw

  • Emre Berk Uyar
    Emre Berk Uyar

    omg thx for lambo

  • Filippo Bracco
    Filippo Bracco

    Hey Godzu, can you say me what runes did you utilise please? It's insane XD

  • This Guy
    This Guy

    What is this song?

  • _Axelito_

    3:56 penta kill

  • ꧁༒Kelvin༒꧂


  • Kacper AoV Live
    Kacper AoV Live


  • Szyymeczek

    2:33 song pls

  • Słoneczniki

    Godzu where is my lambo?

  • SoloQ Gabriel
    SoloQ Gabriel

    I think he doesn't know how to play yasuo, he made hydra

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia

    I don t want a Lamborghini I want Yasuo true damage but I sucribed because you Are the best

  • Daniel Alejandro Huamantingo Cobeñas 7
    Daniel Alejandro Huamantingo Cobeñas 7

    Where is My Lamborghini?

  • bảo béo g
    bảo béo g

    You died

  • boo m
    boo m


  • Ether Steam
    Ether Steam

    Try using tank yasuo it’s op asf

  • ชาคริต อารมย์ดี 146
    ชาคริต อารมย์ดี 146

    its just low elo game

  • momostaredlp

    Lol what elo was that

  • vicente hugueño
    vicente hugueño

    Quien hanla español

  • ayyub-zak baker
    ayyub-zak baker

    are you friends with dogzu coz i saw 9:36 it said dogzu godlike

  • xerox holmes
    xerox holmes

    Where is my lamborguini?

  • Petr Lukes
    Petr Lukes

    If u are not in iron elo then this build is uselles

  • BigDhMc

    jaajaajajja always is I laugh a lot ,,, Greetings from Chile

  • pedboy !
    pedboy !

    airblade pls ;-

  • ro wskij
    ro wskij

    Beckos yasou broken

  • IEAT5

    What is the second song?

  • Jakub Bałek
    Jakub Bałek

    What editing program are u using?

  • matiguirr_

    a recomendation for your videos godzu. when you have a song running over another, it sounds terrible it is better to turn one off from the editor and only leave one running during the clip you want.

  • Yeasir Bin Nuri
    Yeasir Bin Nuri

    We don't die with this build. WE SURVIVE!!

  • Marcelo Ramirez
    Marcelo Ramirez

    Hey bro nice di... I mean, nice moves 7u7

  • jabłona

    Main yasuo xD

  • I Have Autism
    I Have Autism

    where is my lambo

  • Faicel Zribi
    Faicel Zribi

    The edit and effects are awsome xD

  • Artlester Playz
    Artlester Playz

    Love it vro😍💖

  • Taki Majlen
    Taki Majlen

    Runes? Pls answer

  • yogesh j
    yogesh j

    0/10 yasuo powerspike gods :- oh you're approaching me?

  • Ali Al Djindil
    Ali Al Djindil

    Hey Godzu, nice edits💯. What editing app do you use?

  • Reng R
    Reng R

    Is this even a troll channel tf idk anymore

  • Mehmet Dilmen
    Mehmet Dilmen

    Godzu can you start ranked ?

  • Иванов Илья
    Иванов Илья

    И ни один гений не собрал страшные раны)

  • ola xd
    ola xd

    K asco yasuo

  • Kosseraii

    Damn i want those hands

  • gvvcucv ibvi
    gvvcucv ibvi

    20/7 obviously, you are inmortal.

  • LolixDejw PL
    LolixDejw PL

    You are from Poland ?

  • 567 Xanandreas
    567 Xanandreas

    Miss fortune, samira and yas are WAY TOO OVERPOWERED

  • Gabriel Castro
    Gabriel Castro

    Riot: thats an a+

  • aa gym
    aa gym

    What is the song title at minute 9.14

  • Bartosz 130
    Bartosz 130

    Godzu go azir video

  • Vera Passig
    Vera Passig

    Do the full ap Elise pls

  • spyros ath
    spyros ath

    The best bronzer ever

  • nandor

    Where is my Lambo???

  • Alex Nguyen
    Alex Nguyen

    Can u do event again I rlly need some skins in leg pls I beg u :(

  • Dong118 Ngoc
    Dong118 Ngoc

    OK nice

  • Mid Laner
    Mid Laner

    *Yasou is a underrated champ*

  • Paulius Serecikas
    Paulius Serecikas

    press ctrl and q,w,e or r to upgrade finally

  • IPlay Yasuo
    IPlay Yasuo

    I always wanted nightbringer yasuo. - _-

  • Milos Albijanic
    Milos Albijanic

    How this Darius with 5 stacks doesn't kill you. Love your montages btw they make me laught and they have alot of fun!

  • KSF_DR1F7

    I hate Yasuo

  • Baller 4 A Life
    Baller 4 A Life

    Guys it's CLICKBAIT.... We won't get a lambo

  • Glandolf

    I mean its literally just normal yasuo build but without greaves

  • erik ska
    erik ska

    PLAY AHRI get funny moment

  • mlgdoge19

    9:38 musiicc?

  • Huy Tài Lê
    Huy Tài Lê

    play warwick jungle please

  • LOL ek
    LOL ek

    My favourite lol canal

  • Mark Erickson Derigay
    Mark Erickson Derigay

    5:43 i saw akali said.. EZ